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The misadventures of Sophie, her mom, and dad.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So yeah, after all the complaining I have done about getting Sophie to just go down for a nap with a minimum of fuss, she decides to do just that. I looked at her, she was rubbing her eyes. I made sure her daiper was good, kissed her on her head and laid her in her bassinet. She played for about 5 minutes then I heard silence. I tiptoed over and peeked in...she was sound asleep. And she's been asleep for over an hour. OH.MY.GOD. Uncontainable joy!
Tim probably won't believe me when he gets home. But I'm going to try this when it's time for her to go to bed tonight and see what happens. Probably, with my luck, she will scream bloody murder til we go back to desperately rocking/walking/pleading her to sleep.
Wish us luck.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well, that was easy.

Yup, we are moving to NY. Not NYC, but central NY. To a beautiful area that is quaint and semi-touristy, and looks kind of like a storybook town. Jobs up there pay so much better, places to live are affordable, it's only a 6 hour drive from here.
I'm really excited. Tim is too, actually which is nice since it's where he is from. Having visited there, I can see why he moved away. As a teenager it can be a boring place. As a family looking for a safe, family oriented place? It's a haven. Plus, there are things to do there almost all the time. A lot of it is free too. Even a better bonus for a family working to get ahead.
I don't want to leave my family, but I also have to think of my own family and we have to do what is best for us. I'm scared yet at the same time very excited. I'm just hoping it all goes well so we can actually enjoy our lives together without worrying how we are going to manage to pay our bills and have enough money left over for food. Even if we can jsut do that? I will be MUCh happier.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Major Decisions

Well, this area completely sucks in the job market. Tim works for a window shade manufacturing plant full time at 8 dollars an hour and our little family of 3 just CAN NOT survive. It's rediculous. So, the delimma is this. Find a way we can get a 1000 dollar loan, with bad credit, so we can get caught up and start over here. Or move to central NY where he is from so we can have help from his family. What the hell are we going to do??
This area? Yeah it sucks for the job market, but housing is relatively cheap, at least until they screw you over like our apartment place did. It's a really nice small town community we have here. You can pretty much always feel safe no matter where you go. My family is almost all here, with the exception of an uncle who lives in Colorado. My friends are in this area.
New York? Its gorgeous. His family is there. Cost of living is really decent. Jobs are good too. Syracuse isn't far at all and they have tons of jobs. It's also very small town community with tons to do all year long. There is a gorgeous lake, farmland, fresh produce all summer and fall.
It's only about a 5 1/2 to 6 hour drive from here to there. I can be home in a day if I need to be. We can come visit once a month as soon as we get on our feet up there. And it's not like I've never lived away from home before. This would actually be the closest. When I was previously married, I lived in Texas and Germany. New York is a LOT closer.
What makes all this so much harder? We need to decide before the 1st of October. Including today? That gives us 4 days. What to do, what do do....

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm a slacker baby, so why don't you kill me?

Yup I'm a slacker, havent posted in what 2 weeks? Oh well, I can live with it, so you should be able to do the same. Needless to say, I've been kind of busy. You see, I have a car now...of my very own. No more trapped in the house with a veryunhappy 5 month old. We can get out and go for walks, rides, my mom's and gramda's, the mall...anywhere my gas tank will allow me. It's so wonderful.
Bailey had her tonsils out last Thursday. Poor kid, she was so brave and good through the whole thing. But Monday she has to go back to school though I think shethinks this is a legitimate reason for quitting school. Seriously, the child could really care less about school. We can only hope that changes soon because homework is an ordeal let me tell you.
So after bitching about Sophie and her non-sleeping schedule from hell, she decided to kind of go on her own schedule. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. She started taking a nap around 7 pm. Now I know a lot of parents have their kids in bed for the night at 7, but this is her last nap of the day. She usually sleeps til about 8 then MOST of the time will go back down at 9. Though last night she watched the last of ER with us. She was also sleeping until 8 or 9 am. Sometimes she wouldn't want to get up until 9:30. NICE. Well today it was 7:30 and that's because I couldn't get her to lie beside me and play for any longer. I'm sure left to her devices it would have been before 7 when she got up. But, we feel that we are making progress, however slowly. Now if we can jsut get her to nap during the day.
I will admit though that I didn't mind the early morning today. I'm taking my gramma to the market and Tim is off work early today so we have a LOT of payday things to do. Maybe everything can get accomplished before 6 pm for once. And maybe Sophie will nap a couple times during the day. And maybe I will hit the lottery, or at least hear about this job I interviewed for that went REALLY well, so then I can work part time in the evenings and get a Bath and Body Works discount. Maybe fairies will fly into my house with pots of gold too. Yeah, it's nice to dream.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Semi-productiveness is fun...

Well, I have 3 projects that have been started, none that have been finished. Yay me! I started to go through clothes that I no longer wear to get the clothes that I need in my closet. It's in progress. Sophie is outgrowing her clothes at an alarming rate. The kid has worn 0-3 size for so long and no 3-6 fits her perfectly but she looks more comfortable in 6-9 and even some 12 month clothes that I need to go through all her clothes (and my gawd there's a lot of them). So there are clothes all over the floor of her room that need going through. I don't feel so bad about this one because I know, basically, where the clothes that fit her are, and she doesn't sleep in her room anyway. The 3rd one? Not fun, and kind of gross. Last night I went on a diatribe about how I wished the last fish would die so we can tear the tank down until we move and get a stand for it so I can have my baker's rack back in the kitchen where it belongs. Today I deciced to help matters along my taking all of the hidey places the pleco likes so maybe he would run out of slime to eat. As I took out the little house he lives in, he floated to the top of the tank. Ah, the power of wishful thinking. So, the tank is mostly drained and everything is in my kitchen sink. This particular job turned out to be so gross I have decided Tim can finish it later.
Last night was interesting. It resulted in a meltdown from Sophie, followed by a meltdown by me to my mom. We are having sleep/nap issues in our house. Sophie turned 5 months old on Sunday and you would think we would have some kind of schedule. Pretty funny huh? The child who doesn't like to be held while eating also hates to nap. She gets so tired, we try to put her down, and it jsut does not work. So she usually ends up napping in her swing or the car while we are out. And these are NOT productive naps. Needless to say by the time bedtime rolls around things usually don't go so well. We watch her closely for signs that she is getting tired, then try and get her down then. Nope. An all out assualt on our ears and nerves begins. Screaming, crying, sobbing, the kid knows them all. Last night was the breaking point for me. As I rocked her screaming little body, unsuccessfully trying to get her to calm down, my tears began. My husband is usually very good about taking her before I get to this point, but last night he just looked on helplessly as I refused to give her over. I sat there rocking my cryign baby, fighting my tears back until she finally just stopped screaming and passed out from exhaustion. I kept holding her for about 10 minutes to make sure she was out, put her down in her bassinet, then grabbed my phone and went to call my mom. There are times when I need my mommy and last night was one of them.
We discussed getting her on a schedule. I have read so many things about how to do this, and when I try them, it NEVER works. REPEATEDLY. So, I need help. Not just for me and my sanity, but so Sophie can be better rested and happier too. Because a happy Sophie is a happy me, and we all know that is a good thing. Also a happy me means a happy Sophie because at 5 months she is great at picking up on my moods. I need so much help that I don't even know where to begin or what to do. Maybe, some other moms will read this, recognize some of their own battles and give me some advice that would be the cause of much greatfulness. Please, I'm begging you, if you are reading this and have any advice, leave me a note. I am seriously at the end of my rope with this and don't know what we are going to do. Thank you in advance.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, isn't that special?

The Great Rent Boycott worked in part. Things in my house are getting fixed. We still have the occasional yellowjacket, but nothing like the invasion we were suffering before. The hole in my ceiling is all fixed, though the special finishing brush they had toorder made no difference as far as we can tell. That spot in the ceiling looks different the rest of the ceiling for our entire house. Neat huh? My smoke detector is no longer beeping incessantly, just hanging from it's wires in the upstairs hallway. A lovely little decorative touch, I must add. And the check for 500 dollars they had in their possesion that we asked, and they agreed, not to deposit until we told them they could so we could make sure the money was in there? They deposited it, the money wasn;t there. My bank covered it, but we are seriously in the whole. LOVELY. So now, they will get their September rent when we have it and not a moment before that. And they can seriously kiss my big ole white ass if they think I'm giving them a post dated check to hold until the money IS in there.
So, we are beginning the search for a new place. Which is good because hopefully we can find a DECENT, things fixed when they are supposed to be, without scary neighbors place. I have faith that these places do exist. My immediate to the right neighbor doesnt want us to go, they love us. We are quiet, we don't fight, and we are friendly to them. This is the complete opposite of their immediately to the right of them neighbors. They are scary, and jokingly (half) called the ghetto neighbors in my family.
Last Wednesday, I had to go to the ER. What fun, considering we had just been there monday with Sophie. But my trip was more fun, it was at 4 am, involved massive quantities of morphine, a cup full of nasty dye to drink, all to be told "It's jsut a kidney stone, not appendicitis like we thought." Honestly, I can say I'd much rather of had to have an appendectomy. At least then, the mind numbing pain that caused my only real words to be "ohhhhhhh this hurts, ohhhhhh make it stop, ohhhhhhhh i need more pain medicine" could have been taken care of by a nice little operation. But nope, I got sent home with a strainer to pee in, and prescriptions for pain and non-puking pills. The plus side? I slept ALL FREAKIN DAY Wednesday. Tim stayed home to take care of her and I emerged from the bedroom every few hours for a drink, a smoke, some food, and more pain pills. Good times.
Today? I am wishing for last Wednesday. It's raining...not jsut rain like normal. Tropical Storm Ernesto has decided to bless the Western Md area with all it's little niceties. School in our county was cancelled last night because they are expecting flooding. High winds are also on the menu. I'm just thankful we are not east of Garrett County MD. They are getting it worse than we are, they might even get tornados. Yup we get tornados on occasion around here. Last time I was pregnant with my 8 year old and stuck in my gramma's 100 year old wooden house. An F4 tornado went through a town about 15 minutes away. More Good Times.
I also seem to have lost my mommy abilities for the day. I can NOT make Sophie happy to save my life. All I can think is "Thank Gawd your Daddy will be home at 3, cause I can't handle this today". She's happy at the moment, but I also want to add, I am not looking, talking, or thinking in her general direction. The moment she catches me doing these things she begins whining and crying and being a general terror. After 2 hours of this this morning, I threw the towel in gave her some orajel and tylenol, put her in her car seat with a blanket and her bottle. She took a 20 minute nap at least.
This is her new thing. She doesnt want to be held while she is eating her bottles. Lots of fun for her, lots of guilt for me. Though it does free up about an extra 2 hours a day, I can't help but feel bad about this. I feel like I'm neglecting her. But obviously, she is normally very happy and content, so it must not be too bad for her. And it isn't like I set her up and walk away. She is always right beside me when she's eating like this. But it still doesn't help with the mommy guilt, even though I know this is the only way she is going to eat her bottle.
On a brighter note, I've been given a car. Yes I am happy about this, but not as happy as I'd like to be. There's a story here so bear with me please. A few months ago, my grandmother told me her sister in law was thinking of getting rid of her car. And PROMISED Tim and I first crack at said car. It's older, but NICE. Only one owner, never wrecked or anything like that. So imagine my suprise when we are at my 8 year old's birthday party when my mom says very casually, "tomorrow we are going to pick up your Aunt Dot's car for Debbie (my sister). You can have her car, but it needs some parts before it will run and you have to find a way to get it away from where it is before it gets towed." WHAT THE HELL?????
I sold my mom my stratus, before I realized we were going to be needing a family car, for 1/3 less than what I could have gotten for it. I have also ignored the fact that she still owes me $500 dollars for the car (boy that would come sooo in handy right now let me tell ya). I also, before I sold my mom my car, drug my ass out at all hours of the day and night to pick her up from work, pick my sister up from work, take them places, all that good stuff. Tim does a LOT of work for both my mom and grandma at their houses since they can't do it. So, I feel REALLY REALLY hurt by this whole thing. Yes I am thankful to be getting a car, it will help save my sanity. But seriously? A little consideration and promise keeping from my family would be nice.
Also, getting a car that doesnt need a starter, a steering wheel pump and whatever else my sister has ruined on the car, would have been nice too. And now I have to figure out a way to get it moved so it doesn't get towed, because we so can not afford to get it fixed and get the insurance and tags and everything right now.
I must have been a complete jackass in a past life is all I can think of. Lots and lots of Good times.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Great Rent Boycott

So, things in our apartment STILL are not fixed. YAY. The hole still isn't fixed, the weather stripping still needs replaced (apparently they don't make the kind our place has anymore), and the smoke detector is still beeping ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Our apartment manager stopped by the other day, and when I brought this up she asked why I didn't call. Um, I told the maintenence guy, who said he would replace the batteries that day. Sure. When asked why I didn't call her when they weren't replaced things got fun. I told her I didn't call because it doesn't do any good becuase they still don't fix things. She did'nt like that one too much. Also, my neighbor was outside with me chatting and she told me about the hole in their bathtub that has been there since they moved in almost 2 years ago. They moved to their present place because the apartment they had here before this one was completely mold infested. Can you sense a pattern here? I bet you can.
After living here for 10 months, keeping our side of the lease in full agreement, Tim has decided enough is enough. They are not getting the August rent. We put a stop payment on the check we delivered to them the morning we left for vacation then asked them not to deposit. He wrote a detailed letter to our apartment manager and to the main company that manages these places explaining why we aren't paying our rent this month. I admit, while it scares me that they may be able to evict us, I completely agree that we should not have to pay this until they get it fixed. The smoke alarms are a fire hazard issue. the hole in the ceiling wastes electricity. The messed up weather stripping does the same PLUS gives us the added bonus of the bees. If this is what it takes for us to get it fixed? So be it. If they decide we are in the wrong? I'll be looking for a new place for us to live very soon.
More bad news (yup when it rains it pours let me tell ya). Monday we ended up spending about 5 hours in the ER with Sophie. She had stopped eating, stopped peeing, and stopped being her normal little happy talky self. Scared the crap out of me to be honest. But of course, as soon as we got there she peed on a nurse and ate a full bottle. The kid lives to make me look like an idiot. Wednesday? Back to the ER. This time for me. About 5 years ago I had a horrible kidney infection. Intense pain, fever of 104.8, delerium from the fever. It was so bad my right kidney aslmost shut down. Tuesday night the pain was feeling like that. Wednesday at 4 am, I decided I had to go to the doctors NOW. He checks me, says it's not my kidney infection, but maybe appendicitis. Oh 4 month old baby...taking care of a heavy 4 month old after surgery. But alas, tests confirmed I was kind of right. It's kidney stones. I'd rather have my appendix out I think. So now I get to pee into a filter, and take pain pills and hope to hell this thing goes away or I could still face surgery. Apparently it is a rather large stone. Who knows. So until then, I get to take anti nausea meds so I can not throw up fromt he pain, and Lortabs to keep the pain at a low roar. What fun life is through a drug induced haze.
Tonight is my high schools first football game of the season. My 15 yr old neice plays the flute for the band, and my 14 yr old cousin plays the trombone and this is her first band show. So we must go embarrass her. It's my right as her favorite cousin. It's also Sophie's first sporting evcent, which her daddy is thrilled about. He has plans for them all football season. Whether it is the high school games, or Sunday and Monday football on tv, they will watch these together and she will have fun doing it. He is so cute with her, sometimes it makes me want to cry. Happy tears of course, happy tears, through the tears of utter and complete fear of passing a giant kidney stone.