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The misadventures of Sophie, her mom, and dad.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Mom

Yesteray was my mom's 53rd birthday. Today we're going to Rocky Gap State Park to celebrate with the majority of my family. So, this promises to be fun (please insert sarcasm here). I'm sure I'll be criticized for about 50 different things before we've been there for an hour. This happens a lot, but since tim will be there they may behave. For some reason they tend to be nicer to me when he is around. But...I shall go and be nice to everyone then come home and cry if they are mean to me. So...I haven't been to the lake in ages and I'm actually looking forward to swimming some because DAMN but it is hot here. Plus since my whole family is going to be there, there will be tons of holding Sophie not done by mommy. Ahhhhhhhhh to give my arms and back a break. We had an appointment with her yesterday. She isn't quite 4 months old and weighs 15 pounds 6 oucnes. OMIGOD! How did she get so big? Well aside the fact that she eats very well. But still...Bailey was 6 months old before she weighed that much. Sophie only weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces when she was born, so really I find this massive growth slightly weird.
So yeah I have a good many things to do before we can go to the lake. I have to pack up for Sophie, make bottles, find our swimming suits, we have to go deposit Tim's paycheck in the bank, get my mom a birthday present (nothing like waiting until the last minute, it makes things more fun), figure out what I'm getting my mom for a present, but plastic plates and cups, oh and shave my legs and pits cause I forgot to earler and yeah I can't go to the beach with hairy parts.
Well, since I typed out that list I realize just how much I have to do in the next hour. So, until next time, have a good one.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

That will teach me

So...after bitching about my weight, I said the other day I was going to make cream puffs. I should have known better. I made the cream from scratch...the milk scorched at the bottom of the pan but I figured if I didn't scrape it, it would be ok. While I was letting it chill, I made the puffs..and burned those too. I thought maybe the pudding was salvagable...but tasted awful. *sighs* Oh well, I didn't need it anyway. So it all went in the trash, along with my confidence in myself as a cook. Then Tuesday night I started to get a toothache. By the time I woke up yesterday I was miserable. I couldn't sleep the night before because of it, then Sophie woke up at 4 am.Oh joy. I was NOT in a good mood, in a lot of pain and extremely tired. Tim left for workat 4:30 then about 15 minutes later came back. He was sick, so he stayed home. As mean as this sounds..I got excited..cause I got to go back to bed and i slept until 11:30...wooohoooooo. So I woke up, called my dentist (who, BTW,is a major cutie), told him what was up and he scheduled me for some major dental work. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadnt been through all this a few weeks ago. But as a bonus I got a prescription for vicodin. But he only gave me 15 and I can't get in to see him until Wednesday. This SUCKS.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You like me! You really really like me!

Ahhh my daughter Sophie...the apple of our eye, the pain in my behind. There are days where I swear this kid hates me. No matter what I do I just can't seem to make her happy. This leads me to the "I swear Sophie hates me" conversation with Tim, which causes him to roll his eyes. Even if he doesn't visibly do it? I can tell he is in his mind. I will admit, I don't think this as much as I used to, but there are still moments where it seems true. But...she laughs for me now...and not very often for Tim. Yes I know...I'm a horrible person that I get a kick out of that fact, but I can't help it. It makes me feel like she does like me better at times. Yesterday this kid was beyong whiney unless you were giving her every last little bit of your attention. I can't stand kids whining, and when a 3 month old does it for hours? It can make you want to shove sharp objects under your fingernails if that will make it stop. She is making up for it today though. Tim goes to work he has to be there at 5am. The upside to this is hes home no later than 4 pm and that is if he decides to work some overtime. But ayway...Sophie still sleeps in our room(which I hate at times, but at other times I could care less). Since Tim has moved to dayshift at work, I have found this arrangement a little better. Because it means I can get her to sleep in. Im not talking 7 am like some moms think is sleeping in either. Oh no. When she starts making noise around 6, I cant put her into bed with me..and sometimes she will then sleep until 10:30 in the morning!!! Usually its around 9:30, but the extra hour happens a good bit. Considering she goes to sleep between 10 and 11 pm? This is a GOOD THING. I am not a great person when I don't get much sleep. Plus today she is good about taking her naps. This is a rarity. But I figure if she will sleep good at night and sleep in? I can deal with not as much napping. Since she is napping...I think I'm going to go make creampuffs or something. Yes i know, yesterdays entry was all about me bitching about my fat ass..but I figure this is my last hurrah. I'll worry about losing weight later...I NEED something sweet.

Monday, July 17, 2006


So I just looked at my last post and noticed I had some typos...sorry for those. And also, that the type is 2 different colors. OOPS. I'll get the hang of this thing one of these days.

97 freakin degrees???

I know it is summer time. I really really do. But why oh why must it be so miserable. I can't even take Sophie outside to get out of the house. You know, I fond it funny that i bitch about the heat like I do. I used to live in Texas and really? The heat here isn'y as bad as there..but still. My gramma is having a new roof put on her house..boy do I feel bad for that poor guy. Hopefully he doesn't get heat stroke and fall off of her house. It's a really tall house, besides the fact that it would be bad if he got hurt, my gramma would feel guilty and take it out on us. Yes she is the queen of guilt. My uncle is coming to visit for the first time in like 6 years, and since he is the last boy born into our family in like 56 years, she says things have to be perfect. I can't get in to help her that much becuase we only have one car and my husband is the bread winner in our family, so I get the bad end of the guilt a lot. Yippee for me. So, anyways..back to the heat. We're going to NY in a few weeks so I can meet my in-laws and they can meet Sophie and me. While I am incredibly nervous abotu this, I'm excited because it doesn't get as hot up there. The averages for this time of year are only about 77 degrees. WOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
The heat is making it really hard for me to get motivated about excerising too. I need to...i really really NEED to. I had lost all my pregnancy weight by my 4 week check up (please don't throw things at me) but now? yup I think I'm back up by at least 10 pounds..euw. So I decided, it is time to actually do something about my gross self (though my dear husband never agrees with me when I call myself gross). So, at least there are things I can do inside. I have some yoga DVDs, and a belly dancing for fitness DVD (this one will never be brought out in the prescence of anyone who is capable of speech, I would be mortified). I'm going to try and swear off soda (but this should be interesting, I need my caffiene) and drink lots of water. I also have one of those Gazelle freestyle thingies. I'm going to start making myself do an hour on that everyday. So..we shall see how this goes. All i have to say? Is it is probaly a VERY good thing I don't own a scale..or I would be crying. And a crying mommy is never a good thing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh Crap

I adore my daughter, I really really do. But I swear she has some kind of ability to hold her poop in until right after I change her diaper. It never fails. We get up in the morning, I change her, then she decides to poop. I can even put off changng her and she still does it. Must be one of her baby spidey senses, like when shes asleep and knows when we leave the room. Then she immediately wakes up and starts crying. This seems to me like getting her to sleep in her own room is going to be quite a treat.
Sophie is smiling a lot more now, and she is beginning to laugh. It's a really cute little laugh, kind of from her throat, so it's low and gurggly. And she is grabbing everything she can now. Which, while this is great, my hair isn't liking it. She also loves to "talk." It's so cute how we can have a conversation without saying a thing.
There are some days when I wonder why I ever thought I could be a mom. But when I can see he smiling. laughing, and talking, I can't see myself not being her mom. Ah life is good, oh wait, nevermind...another dirty diaper.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

My daughter and I have been up for 4 1/2 hours and we have gotten a ton done
13 things I've gotten done today that make me proud of myself.

1. Managed to get my daughter to sleep in until almost 10 am. Anyone with a 3 month old knows this is rare.
2. We both woke up in a good mood. This is more of a rare occasion for me, she usually is happy when she wakes up.
3. I managed to not roll my eyes even though Sophie has gone through 3 bottles already. Don't ask me why but lately she acts as though she is starving, but if you look at her you can clearly see this is not the case.
4. We are both dressed and clean and Tim isnt even home from work yet...yes this is rare.
5. Sophie hates to nap, so when I got her to take a nap I really did congratulate myself.
6. The trash has been taken out (I hate taking the trash out).
7. Told myself not to worry because Sophie likes Blue's Clues...she rules the roost here and her happiness is always first. Even if it drives me nuts.
8. Discovered that i kind of like Blue's Clues also. The Mail song cracks me up.
9. Finished my antibiotic. I am really bad about remembering to take them on time and finish them, so this to me, is a big deal.
10. My gramma called, and I didn't let her make me fel bad for something. She is the Guilt Queen, so that says a lot.
11. I've only managed to be a smartass once so far today. But I'm wondering if it really counts because it was to a neighbor I dislike and I don't think they got it.
12. Cleaned old programs off of my computer. I'm an idiot when it comes to computers, so yes this makes me proud.
13. And last but not least...I ignored the pineapple upside down cake hat was calling my name for breakfast and actually had oatmeal.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sometimes, it is very fun in my head.

OK, sometimes I don't hear things the way they are said. This could be many reasons...I have a 3 month old who is yelling in my ear, I played the drums for 5 years and I swear it affected my hearing, but usually, it's because I'm not paying that much attention. Anyway...
We're at my mom's yestreday for the 4th and my 14 year old cousin, Molly, says to me "Guess what Kristen (this is my 15 yr old niece) did today? She spilled my black nail polish" Now, don't ask me how or why I heard this but I SWEAR she said "She called my butt ham hocks." After I asked her why Kristen called her butt ham hocks i realized that most definately wasn't what she said and ended up laughing the point my husband was starting to think i slipped a screw loose somewhere I think.
Unfortunately, when my family gets together, this is the norm with us. There are a lot of us, and when you add in 5 kids under the age of 16, things get very funny pretty quickly...or very annoying. My gramma can't hear well, my older cousin is very loud and domineering in conversations, my aunt can be rather snarky, my niece is obsessed by horses, my older daughter is a ham, my cousin's 2 kids are quiet most of the time but have a bad streak in them, my husband picks on the kids to no end (and they always make sure i know), my sister is almost anti-social, and my mom and I are left jsut staring in amazement and sometimes fear.
Tim, my beloved husband, is a great guy. Even though he picks on the kids a lot. They adore him and only threaten him moderately. I see him as a superhero, though I've never told him this. We met when I was going through a nasty seperation with my ex. Somehow, even though I was an emotional wreck, we met, found out we had a good bit in common, started to date and then we got serious. The bad part about this? I lived in the western MD area, and he lived near DC. Long distance relationships suck. But we made it work. We went to the Poconos for a few days, our first time traveling and really being with each other, and realized we wanted it to always be that way. So, he moved in with me so I wouldn't have to leave my family. I had lived away from my family for about 5 years in my first marraige and it was harder than I thought it would be.
We had decided we were going to get married sometime this year, when the inevitable happened. I got sick, and thought it was the flu. I said the same thing when I got pregnant with Bailey, too. You would think I would know the difference. But, we found out we were expecting who is now Sophie. I wanted more kids eventually, he was pretty sure he would want kids one day. Boy was it a rough month in our house. But, we made it through, and now have our beautiful little Sophie Lena. Life wouldn't be complete without her. Tim makes the BEST daddy.
He loves playing with her, talking to her, feeding and changing her. He even took night shift with her so I could be more conscious when he worked in the afternoons and evenings. So, do i see myself as lucky, even with an unplanned pregnancy and married sooner than we planned? Hell yes.
But there you go, my first blog entry. Now you know some background on me and my family. I'm hoping I will get better at this blog thing, and maybe even some of you will like to read it. I figure the worst thing that can happen from this is I will improve my typing skills, and save my husband from boring him to death with the details of my boring days. Also, I'm hoping to incorperate some ideas I see on other blogs into mine to maybe make it more fun. So, enjoy your day, and please try and come back.