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Monday, July 17, 2006

97 freakin degrees???

I know it is summer time. I really really do. But why oh why must it be so miserable. I can't even take Sophie outside to get out of the house. You know, I fond it funny that i bitch about the heat like I do. I used to live in Texas and really? The heat here isn'y as bad as there..but still. My gramma is having a new roof put on her house..boy do I feel bad for that poor guy. Hopefully he doesn't get heat stroke and fall off of her house. It's a really tall house, besides the fact that it would be bad if he got hurt, my gramma would feel guilty and take it out on us. Yes she is the queen of guilt. My uncle is coming to visit for the first time in like 6 years, and since he is the last boy born into our family in like 56 years, she says things have to be perfect. I can't get in to help her that much becuase we only have one car and my husband is the bread winner in our family, so I get the bad end of the guilt a lot. Yippee for me. So, anyways..back to the heat. We're going to NY in a few weeks so I can meet my in-laws and they can meet Sophie and me. While I am incredibly nervous abotu this, I'm excited because it doesn't get as hot up there. The averages for this time of year are only about 77 degrees. WOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
The heat is making it really hard for me to get motivated about excerising too. I need to...i really really NEED to. I had lost all my pregnancy weight by my 4 week check up (please don't throw things at me) but now? yup I think I'm back up by at least 10 pounds..euw. So I decided, it is time to actually do something about my gross self (though my dear husband never agrees with me when I call myself gross). So, at least there are things I can do inside. I have some yoga DVDs, and a belly dancing for fitness DVD (this one will never be brought out in the prescence of anyone who is capable of speech, I would be mortified). I'm going to try and swear off soda (but this should be interesting, I need my caffiene) and drink lots of water. I also have one of those Gazelle freestyle thingies. I'm going to start making myself do an hour on that everyday. So..we shall see how this goes. All i have to say? Is it is probaly a VERY good thing I don't own a scale..or I would be crying. And a crying mommy is never a good thing.


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