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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh Crap

I adore my daughter, I really really do. But I swear she has some kind of ability to hold her poop in until right after I change her diaper. It never fails. We get up in the morning, I change her, then she decides to poop. I can even put off changng her and she still does it. Must be one of her baby spidey senses, like when shes asleep and knows when we leave the room. Then she immediately wakes up and starts crying. This seems to me like getting her to sleep in her own room is going to be quite a treat.
Sophie is smiling a lot more now, and she is beginning to laugh. It's a really cute little laugh, kind of from her throat, so it's low and gurggly. And she is grabbing everything she can now. Which, while this is great, my hair isn't liking it. She also loves to "talk." It's so cute how we can have a conversation without saying a thing.
There are some days when I wonder why I ever thought I could be a mom. But when I can see he smiling. laughing, and talking, I can't see myself not being her mom. Ah life is good, oh wait, nevermind...another dirty diaper.


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