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Thursday, July 20, 2006

That will teach me

So...after bitching about my weight, I said the other day I was going to make cream puffs. I should have known better. I made the cream from scratch...the milk scorched at the bottom of the pan but I figured if I didn't scrape it, it would be ok. While I was letting it chill, I made the puffs..and burned those too. I thought maybe the pudding was salvagable...but tasted awful. *sighs* Oh well, I didn't need it anyway. So it all went in the trash, along with my confidence in myself as a cook. Then Tuesday night I started to get a toothache. By the time I woke up yesterday I was miserable. I couldn't sleep the night before because of it, then Sophie woke up at 4 am.Oh joy. I was NOT in a good mood, in a lot of pain and extremely tired. Tim left for workat 4:30 then about 15 minutes later came back. He was sick, so he stayed home. As mean as this sounds..I got excited..cause I got to go back to bed and i slept until 11:30...wooohoooooo. So I woke up, called my dentist (who, BTW,is a major cutie), told him what was up and he scheduled me for some major dental work. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadnt been through all this a few weeks ago. But as a bonus I got a prescription for vicodin. But he only gave me 15 and I can't get in to see him until Wednesday. This SUCKS.


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