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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Great Rent Boycott

So, things in our apartment STILL are not fixed. YAY. The hole still isn't fixed, the weather stripping still needs replaced (apparently they don't make the kind our place has anymore), and the smoke detector is still beeping ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Our apartment manager stopped by the other day, and when I brought this up she asked why I didn't call. Um, I told the maintenence guy, who said he would replace the batteries that day. Sure. When asked why I didn't call her when they weren't replaced things got fun. I told her I didn't call because it doesn't do any good becuase they still don't fix things. She did'nt like that one too much. Also, my neighbor was outside with me chatting and she told me about the hole in their bathtub that has been there since they moved in almost 2 years ago. They moved to their present place because the apartment they had here before this one was completely mold infested. Can you sense a pattern here? I bet you can.
After living here for 10 months, keeping our side of the lease in full agreement, Tim has decided enough is enough. They are not getting the August rent. We put a stop payment on the check we delivered to them the morning we left for vacation then asked them not to deposit. He wrote a detailed letter to our apartment manager and to the main company that manages these places explaining why we aren't paying our rent this month. I admit, while it scares me that they may be able to evict us, I completely agree that we should not have to pay this until they get it fixed. The smoke alarms are a fire hazard issue. the hole in the ceiling wastes electricity. The messed up weather stripping does the same PLUS gives us the added bonus of the bees. If this is what it takes for us to get it fixed? So be it. If they decide we are in the wrong? I'll be looking for a new place for us to live very soon.
More bad news (yup when it rains it pours let me tell ya). Monday we ended up spending about 5 hours in the ER with Sophie. She had stopped eating, stopped peeing, and stopped being her normal little happy talky self. Scared the crap out of me to be honest. But of course, as soon as we got there she peed on a nurse and ate a full bottle. The kid lives to make me look like an idiot. Wednesday? Back to the ER. This time for me. About 5 years ago I had a horrible kidney infection. Intense pain, fever of 104.8, delerium from the fever. It was so bad my right kidney aslmost shut down. Tuesday night the pain was feeling like that. Wednesday at 4 am, I decided I had to go to the doctors NOW. He checks me, says it's not my kidney infection, but maybe appendicitis. Oh 4 month old baby...taking care of a heavy 4 month old after surgery. But alas, tests confirmed I was kind of right. It's kidney stones. I'd rather have my appendix out I think. So now I get to pee into a filter, and take pain pills and hope to hell this thing goes away or I could still face surgery. Apparently it is a rather large stone. Who knows. So until then, I get to take anti nausea meds so I can not throw up fromt he pain, and Lortabs to keep the pain at a low roar. What fun life is through a drug induced haze.
Tonight is my high schools first football game of the season. My 15 yr old neice plays the flute for the band, and my 14 yr old cousin plays the trombone and this is her first band show. So we must go embarrass her. It's my right as her favorite cousin. It's also Sophie's first sporting evcent, which her daddy is thrilled about. He has plans for them all football season. Whether it is the high school games, or Sunday and Monday football on tv, they will watch these together and she will have fun doing it. He is so cute with her, sometimes it makes me want to cry. Happy tears of course, happy tears, through the tears of utter and complete fear of passing a giant kidney stone.


  • At 10:20 AM, Blogger Stefanie said…

    Oh man, that pain sounds horrible. But the pain meds don't sound half bad! I've gone to the ER a couple of times for a migraine that got so bad I just wanted to die. Luckily for me in coincided with a day we had a babysitter.

    I hope you pass your stone soon. Thanks for commenting on my site.


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