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Friday, August 18, 2006

You're so lame, you probably think this post is about you.

So, yeah I'm lazy and haven't been posting to this. But I have excues, really I do. I've been tired of fighting with the bees and our rental company to get things fixed. Then we went on vacation to see tim's family. This was their first time meeting me and Sophie. I had a BAD case of nerves until I actually was there. Then we got back and I had to completely clean my hosue for an inspectin that never happened, plus Tim and I have been kind of sick and Sophie has decided sleeping is a low priority.
Our apartment complex STILL has not fixed the various problems going on here. There hole in my ceiling is filled in..but not finished..keep in mind theyve been "fixing" this since November. Also they did get the exterminator out here. Who did confirm that the bees are not coming into my house while I have the door open. The weather stripping needs replaced and that is where they are coming in. So yes we still have bees, and no our apartment people don't care. Oh not to mention the incessant beeping from dying smoke detectors that it is their responsability to fix when we tell them they are going bad. Which I did at the beginning of last week. I now hold the firm belief, which is shared by several others who live here, that they really don't care about the tenants here. But oh my, the apartments that are empty? They get all kids of attention. JUST.PEACHY.
Vacation to meet Tim's family. The idea scared the living daylights out of me. But as Tim always tells me, I was worried for no reason. They were all very nice to me, and loved Sophie. I actually can't wait to go back for another visit. Its beautiful there, his brother and his family we stayed with are wonderful and highly entertaining at times, nd it isnt as hot there in the summer time. Of course in the winter its always freezing cold and they get a lot of snow. Euw. But I can definately see the allure of the place.
Then Tim got sick right after we got home. What fun. I've had a migraine since we got home too. More fun times. Sophie? She feels fine, just not so big on sleeping. I wish I could convince her otherwise. Thankfully Tim will be home in 30 minutes and I can take a nap while he deals with Her Royal Fussiness. And on that note, it's time to attempt for another nap for her.


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