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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Major Decisions

Well, this area completely sucks in the job market. Tim works for a window shade manufacturing plant full time at 8 dollars an hour and our little family of 3 just CAN NOT survive. It's rediculous. So, the delimma is this. Find a way we can get a 1000 dollar loan, with bad credit, so we can get caught up and start over here. Or move to central NY where he is from so we can have help from his family. What the hell are we going to do??
This area? Yeah it sucks for the job market, but housing is relatively cheap, at least until they screw you over like our apartment place did. It's a really nice small town community we have here. You can pretty much always feel safe no matter where you go. My family is almost all here, with the exception of an uncle who lives in Colorado. My friends are in this area.
New York? Its gorgeous. His family is there. Cost of living is really decent. Jobs are good too. Syracuse isn't far at all and they have tons of jobs. It's also very small town community with tons to do all year long. There is a gorgeous lake, farmland, fresh produce all summer and fall.
It's only about a 5 1/2 to 6 hour drive from here to there. I can be home in a day if I need to be. We can come visit once a month as soon as we get on our feet up there. And it's not like I've never lived away from home before. This would actually be the closest. When I was previously married, I lived in Texas and Germany. New York is a LOT closer.
What makes all this so much harder? We need to decide before the 1st of October. Including today? That gives us 4 days. What to do, what do do....


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