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Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, isn't that special?

The Great Rent Boycott worked in part. Things in my house are getting fixed. We still have the occasional yellowjacket, but nothing like the invasion we were suffering before. The hole in my ceiling is all fixed, though the special finishing brush they had toorder made no difference as far as we can tell. That spot in the ceiling looks different the rest of the ceiling for our entire house. Neat huh? My smoke detector is no longer beeping incessantly, just hanging from it's wires in the upstairs hallway. A lovely little decorative touch, I must add. And the check for 500 dollars they had in their possesion that we asked, and they agreed, not to deposit until we told them they could so we could make sure the money was in there? They deposited it, the money wasn;t there. My bank covered it, but we are seriously in the whole. LOVELY. So now, they will get their September rent when we have it and not a moment before that. And they can seriously kiss my big ole white ass if they think I'm giving them a post dated check to hold until the money IS in there.
So, we are beginning the search for a new place. Which is good because hopefully we can find a DECENT, things fixed when they are supposed to be, without scary neighbors place. I have faith that these places do exist. My immediate to the right neighbor doesnt want us to go, they love us. We are quiet, we don't fight, and we are friendly to them. This is the complete opposite of their immediately to the right of them neighbors. They are scary, and jokingly (half) called the ghetto neighbors in my family.
Last Wednesday, I had to go to the ER. What fun, considering we had just been there monday with Sophie. But my trip was more fun, it was at 4 am, involved massive quantities of morphine, a cup full of nasty dye to drink, all to be told "It's jsut a kidney stone, not appendicitis like we thought." Honestly, I can say I'd much rather of had to have an appendectomy. At least then, the mind numbing pain that caused my only real words to be "ohhhhhhh this hurts, ohhhhhh make it stop, ohhhhhhhh i need more pain medicine" could have been taken care of by a nice little operation. But nope, I got sent home with a strainer to pee in, and prescriptions for pain and non-puking pills. The plus side? I slept ALL FREAKIN DAY Wednesday. Tim stayed home to take care of her and I emerged from the bedroom every few hours for a drink, a smoke, some food, and more pain pills. Good times.
Today? I am wishing for last Wednesday. It's raining...not jsut rain like normal. Tropical Storm Ernesto has decided to bless the Western Md area with all it's little niceties. School in our county was cancelled last night because they are expecting flooding. High winds are also on the menu. I'm just thankful we are not east of Garrett County MD. They are getting it worse than we are, they might even get tornados. Yup we get tornados on occasion around here. Last time I was pregnant with my 8 year old and stuck in my gramma's 100 year old wooden house. An F4 tornado went through a town about 15 minutes away. More Good Times.
I also seem to have lost my mommy abilities for the day. I can NOT make Sophie happy to save my life. All I can think is "Thank Gawd your Daddy will be home at 3, cause I can't handle this today". She's happy at the moment, but I also want to add, I am not looking, talking, or thinking in her general direction. The moment she catches me doing these things she begins whining and crying and being a general terror. After 2 hours of this this morning, I threw the towel in gave her some orajel and tylenol, put her in her car seat with a blanket and her bottle. She took a 20 minute nap at least.
This is her new thing. She doesnt want to be held while she is eating her bottles. Lots of fun for her, lots of guilt for me. Though it does free up about an extra 2 hours a day, I can't help but feel bad about this. I feel like I'm neglecting her. But obviously, she is normally very happy and content, so it must not be too bad for her. And it isn't like I set her up and walk away. She is always right beside me when she's eating like this. But it still doesn't help with the mommy guilt, even though I know this is the only way she is going to eat her bottle.
On a brighter note, I've been given a car. Yes I am happy about this, but not as happy as I'd like to be. There's a story here so bear with me please. A few months ago, my grandmother told me her sister in law was thinking of getting rid of her car. And PROMISED Tim and I first crack at said car. It's older, but NICE. Only one owner, never wrecked or anything like that. So imagine my suprise when we are at my 8 year old's birthday party when my mom says very casually, "tomorrow we are going to pick up your Aunt Dot's car for Debbie (my sister). You can have her car, but it needs some parts before it will run and you have to find a way to get it away from where it is before it gets towed." WHAT THE HELL?????
I sold my mom my stratus, before I realized we were going to be needing a family car, for 1/3 less than what I could have gotten for it. I have also ignored the fact that she still owes me $500 dollars for the car (boy that would come sooo in handy right now let me tell ya). I also, before I sold my mom my car, drug my ass out at all hours of the day and night to pick her up from work, pick my sister up from work, take them places, all that good stuff. Tim does a LOT of work for both my mom and grandma at their houses since they can't do it. So, I feel REALLY REALLY hurt by this whole thing. Yes I am thankful to be getting a car, it will help save my sanity. But seriously? A little consideration and promise keeping from my family would be nice.
Also, getting a car that doesnt need a starter, a steering wheel pump and whatever else my sister has ruined on the car, would have been nice too. And now I have to figure out a way to get it moved so it doesn't get towed, because we so can not afford to get it fixed and get the insurance and tags and everything right now.
I must have been a complete jackass in a past life is all I can think of. Lots and lots of Good times.


  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Suburban Turmoil said…

    Don't feel guilty about the bottle. And feel free to move about. That's one of those things you'll look back on and think, 'Ohmygah, why was I so worried about that?'
    I speak from experience! :)


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